Questions and Getting Started

What email marketing services do you integrate with?

Right now we integrate with the following platforms: However, we are adding new integrations all the time.  If you use something else just fill out this form and let us know.  Don’t worry, you will not be charged a setup fee if we add your platform to our list of integrations.

Where should I promote my keyword?

Businesses and non-profits are having the most success promoting their keyword where their audience is not in front of a computer. Events, on-site at store locations, and in traditional media ads (TV, radio, print, etc.) work best.

How do I know how many emails I have captured? What happens if I go over 500?

Ideally you’ll want to create a web form inside your email marketing platform that is used just for emails you capture through text messaging. This form only needs to have email address as a field, and this will allow you to view stats inside your email marketing platform about  list growth.  Our system will not stop working if you go over 500 emails in a month, you’ll just get an email from us with details on our larger plans.

Will people actually text us their email address?

Yes! We have many clients who have been doing this for years.  Of course the more reason you give your audience to share their email address the more likely they are to do it, but that’s true no matter how you’re gathering email addresses.

Is your service month-to-month or do I have to sign a long-term contract?

This is a month-to-month service billed to your credit card.  You can cancel at any time.

We usually just capture email addresses with a clipboard and pen. How is this better?

Unless you really like manually entering email addresses, and trying to decipher bad handwriting, gathering emails through text message is an easy choice.  You’ll be able to capture addresses much faster and more accurately.  It’s time to throw away the clipboard.

Do you have other questions? No sweat.  Just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with answers ASAP.



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Country: United States  
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Starter Package: $19/month after FREE trial

  • Capture up to 500 email addresses from your keyword each month.
  • Integrates with 6 popular email marketing platforms (see list on the left) and can also be used to download emails and upload to anything.
  • After the trial you will be billed based on the plan’s monthly fee, but you can cancel at any time. No commitment needed!
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Advanced Package: $39/month after FREE trial

  • Capture up to 1,000 email addresses from your keyword each month.
  • (same as above)
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